Diamond Consultation

One-to-One Appointment

A personalised diamond consultation in a private appointment.

Guidance & Education

Learn about the 4C's in a low pressure environment, with no obligation to buy.

Bespoke To You

A unique appointment to you, based on your individual preferences.

Explaining Our Diamond Consultations...

  • All of our new diamond rings and diamond jewellery can be customised to suit your tastes. This is particularly relevant if you are getting engaged and want to own a unique ring that was custom made for the event.  
  • Using our bespoke engagement ring links, you will see that not only can you choose the metal type and setting of the ring, but you can choose a wide range of diamonds that will all match your budget.
  • A diamond consultation takes place in our Chester store and allows you to closely examine diamonds that you have chosen from our online diamond inventory. You will be able to learn what it is that sets individual diamonds apart and which one is most suitable for your unique engagement ring.
  • Your one-to-one appointment will take place in our luxury showroom, or if you prefer, in our private room on the first floor. 
  • You will sit down with one of our jewellery experts for a completely curated shopping experience, with expert advice and guidance.
  • There's no obligation to buy and we can help you select the diamonds from our list so that when you turn up, you have suitable diamonds in front of you.

       Please get in touch to book your diamond consultation.

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