What is diamond certification?

The certification of diamonds has increased tremendously since the advent of online sales. Independent certification by professionals allows a comparison of diamond quality and also aids price comparisons. However, the certificate cannot show the individual beauty and brilliance of the actual stone. Kayes have been buying diamonds for over sixty years, but never without first closely examining the stone itself.

Kayes policy on Conflict Diamonds

Our diamonds are purchased from legitimate sources that are not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with United Nations resolutions. Kayes deal only with reputable suppliers who also guarantee their diamonds are non-conflict. Our suppliers are known and trusted by us.

Can I choose my own diamond at Kayes?

Our diamond consultations let you examine your chosen diamonds very closely in a professional environment. With our dedicated help you will quickly develop and expert eye and gain a real insight into the world of diamonds. The emphasis is on letting you see the differences between diamonds and how this relates to their rarity and value.

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