How good are these diamond prices?

You are looking for good value when buying a diamond, so it's essential that you compare identical items when coming to a decision. Comparing 'apples with apples' has never been more relevant.  Diamonds with near identical specifications can have significantly different values, so choosing the lowest price is not always the wisest choice. Comparing diamond certificates is not the same as comparing the diamonds themselves.

To make it easier for you, we have carefully analysed the the retail selling prices of our local, regional and online competitors and then priced our diamonds to 'win' every time. 

We offer a hands on consultation service so that you can look, learn and understand the differences between diamonds and diamond prices. Combining this with our carefully researched pricing structure and our bespoke design service, we think you will be very impressed with what your money can buy at Kayes.

Although our store is currently closed, you can still buy from Kayes.
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