We are pleased to offer 0% interest free credit, subject to status, on the most of our precious jewellery items.  Please enquire for further details.

Valuations @ Kayes

Kayes undertake expert jewellery valuations for insurance & other requirements in store. 

If you wish to sell or part-exchange jewellery there is no 'valuation fee'. Free insurance valuations also accompany most purchases from Kayes.

Insurance Valuation Fee*

 £45 document charge +1.5% of the total value, reducing to 1% over £10,000.  

Example - Items valued at £15,000 would attract a fee of £245 +VAT. Fees for high value collections can be negotiated.

Revaluation fee*                         £45 document charge + £5 per item.

*Includes in-store cleaning, a condition check and advice/estimates if repair or restoration work is required. 

All fees are subject to VAT.

Selling @ Kayes

Kayes are keen to buy or trade your unwanted fine vintage jewellery.  We guarantee a higher payment than other dealers or auction rooms

As an alternative to selling at auction, our service makes sound practical and financial sense. We will make an offer to buy without any delay or commission charges. There is no charge for this service and no obligation to sell. Contact us to arrange a confidential appointment in our Chester store to maximize the value of your possessions.

We love trade-ins and we are one of the few jewellers in the region with the knowledge and ability to be able to agree an attractive exchange in-store. Part-exchange can include any items of jewellery, from the smallest broken item to the finest antique jewel. If it is real jewellery, it has a value.

If you are part-exchanging items originally purchased from Kayes we can often offer you the original purchase price back in part-exchange. Contact us for specific details about upgrading your jewellery collection.

Repairs @ Kayes

Kayes provide a first rate repair service for their clients. Our first priority is to make sure your valuables are secure and in excellent condition.

To this end, we offer a lifetime free valeting and health check for all jewellery items purchased from us. Simply call in with your items and we will clean them professionally to re-new their sparkle, check the condition and advise if any remedial work is required.

We offer a professional repair service to the highest standards, for all types of fine modern and vintage jewellery.

If it’s to do with jewellery, we can probably do it!


One of the many practical aspects of jewellery is that valuable gemstones set in an unfashionable design can be completely re-imagined and re-modelled as a brand new item.

Highly sentimental family treasures can see the light of day again, and that great aunt’s rather dour Victorian brooch can live again as a fabulous ring and earring set.

Contact us to discuss your ideas.