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A quick reference area to find an answer to your problem.

I think I've chipped my diamond.

Surely there's a fault with it, everyone knows that a diamond is the hardest substance in the world!

Diamond is an extremely hard substance and the most durable of all gemstones, far exceeding the durability of the next hardest gemstone Corundum (Sapphire and Ruby). This hardness is it's resistance to wear and tear, but it doesn't mean it can withstand every destructive test.  Diamonds, in common with with all minerals, have a crystal structure which contains weaker cleavage directions. Without these it would be impossible to cut a diamond into shape, even using another diamond.  A sharp  unnoticed tap to a diamond can sometimes cause a small piece to cleave off if the blow is in the same direction as the diamonds natural weakness. 

My ring doesn't fit anymore.

Most rings can be altered in size.  When you buy a collection ring from Kayes it will be resized free of charge.

If we make a bespoke ring for you, it will be made to the correct finger size. Should the ring need adjustment at a later date, there will be a small charge to cover the cost of this work. If your ring was made to the wrong finger size, or sized incorrectly,  the alteration will be free of charge. 

My diamond isn't sparkling anymore.

Your diamond rings and jewellery will always sparkle as brightly as the day you bought them, but be aware of this.....

Even the thinnest film of hand cream, soap, oil, or anything that you touch will stick like glue to the back of your diamond and precious gemstones. This causes a dramatic reduction in the brightness, fire and colour of all gemstones, especially diamond. Use a small toothbrush and special jewellery cleaner to clear out the back of the settings on a regular basis. A quick splodge of washing up liquid in hot water will  not do the trick! Kayes offer free in-store cleaning for any item purchased from them. Just call in and we will re-sparkle your Kayes diamonds free of charge within the hour.