The Engagement Ring Guide 

Picking an engagement ring is an exciting step of your proposal, yet it's one that many people can find daunting. You want it to signify many things, the symbolic and iconic expression of your love and commitment as well as your personality and style. 

 So how do you judge a diamonds quality? The basic fundamentals are colour, clarity, cut and carat. Otherwise known as The 4C's. To help you understand this further Kayes offer free diamond consultationsYou will be able to learn and see with your own eyes what it is that sets individual diamonds apart and which one is most suitable for your engagement ring. 

1. Which Precious Metal?

Kayes offer a bespoke custom made service, allowing you to choose between four precious metals.

2. Style

The style and setting of the ring is just as important as the stone itself. The style of the ring should reflect your personality. Do you prefer a single stone or a multi-stone setting? A single stone setting is known as a solitaire whereas a multi-stone setting can come in a cluster, halo or three stone trilogy style.

3. Diamond Cut

Regardless of colour and clarity, the irresistible fiery brilliance of a diamond is only unlocked by skilled cutting of the diamond rough. Essentially all diamonds used for jewellery come in one of these ten shapes. The diamond cut will effect how the diamonds proportions reflect light. 

Other Factors to Consider


Finger Size

The most accurate way to confirm your partners ring size is to have your partner sized by us in store or have them visit a local jeweller.  If you are set on a surprise proposal but don't know her ring size Kayes offer a complimentary size alteration on most rings. Ask in store or check online if this service is available with the ring you have selected. 

How much do you want to spend?

It is probably the largest purchase you have made while being together, so how much should you spend? There is no right or wrong answer, you should spend what you feel most comfortable with. When you come in to the store you can ask to see a selection of rings within your price range. If you haven't discussed the price or you'd rather your partner not know how much you're spending, feel free to phone ahead and discuss with us before your arrival.  

To help you find the most cost effective way of making that special purchase Kayes offer 0% interest free credit. Finance available on most of our jewellery items, subject to status. 

After Yes!

Congratulations on your engagement – the beginning not the end of your relationship with Kayes.

Bring your ring in for regular free checking and cleaning whenever you are passing, but please let us see your ring at least once a year. We will check over the condition of the diamond and its setting, making sure you leave with your diamond ring looking as new.

Your next purchase may well be a wedding ring. Kayes will make sure that the girls ring sits perfectly with the engagement ring and that the boy is more than happy with his matching band. Engagement clients will receive a generously discounted price for their wedding rings.

Throughout your life Kayes will be here to assist you with this and future purchases.  We offer a full range of professional and traditional services that have almost vanished from the high street.

Why Buy From Kayes?

Kayes is an independent and trusted jewellers since 1948. Our small and dedicated team offers a bespoke service to each and every client. Theres no head office, management layer or commission hungry sales team to negotiate.

Each piece of jewellery we sell has been checked to the highest standard by our diamond and jewellery experts. We wouldn't sell jewellery that we wouldn't buy ourselves. Our engagement rings are beautifully designed and extremely well priced. In fact, we know that we are one of the very best in the region for quality, service and value. We subscribe to the Kimberley Process which seeks to eradicate conflict diamonds from the supply chain. We buy diamonds only from sources who also subscribe to this policy, to guarantee, as much as we can, that your diamond is entirely conflict free. Our certificated diamonds all come with a certificate, detailing an official grading report specific to your diamond.

All of our new jewellery comes with a lifetime warranty so you can feel confident buying from Kayes.