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Engage with Kayes

Engage With Us

We understand what your engagement ring means. You’re on the path to choosing the most symbolic and iconic expression of your love and commitment. You have our attention.

Celebrating this commitment with a diamond ring is a centuries old tradition. Kayes have only been around since 1948, but we think our 70 years experience as a privately owned diamond specialist counts for quite a lot.

We promise to deliver a finely crafted and unique ring for your engagement. You can choose from our vintage and ready to wear collection or have a bespoke ring made to your exact specification. We will deliver a ring that is as unique as you are.

You can also relax knowing you are in safe hands. We will guide you both to a point where when you will be able to commit to a design and diamond with total confidence. We know you'll also be very pleased with the deal that you struck.

Products & Pricing

Our engagement rings are beautifully designed and extremely well priced. In fact we know that we are one of the very best in the region for quality, service and value. 

We subscribe to the Kimberley Process which seeks to eradicate conflict diamonds from the supply chain. We buy diamonds only from sources who also subscribe to this policy, to guarantee, as much as we can, that your diamond is entirely conflict free.

With the advent of the internet the pricing and selling of diamonds has become highly competitive. Also. the amount of information regarding diamond quality and value has expanded exponentially. We don’t sell diamonds online, but we certainly sell diamonds at a price that make the internet almost irrelevant unless you really enjoy risk taking in every area of your life!

We have been in the diamond business for nearly 70 years and we have NEVER bought a diamond without examining and comparing it first hand to other diamonds  Because of this our engagement ring shopping basket online is 'disabled' . We know that a diamond has to be closely examined before you commit to it.

What Kayes offer

A Diamond Consultation will change your views on buying a diamond. We will let one very satisfied client explain his experience with us. (Thanks David for your Google review)

“Choosing an engagement ring is quite possibly one of life’s most stressful purchases. It seemed only natural to gain an understanding in diamonds and for many that means turning to the internet. In my experience this offered a starting block but quickly became a minefield of contradicting advice and in short an absolute headache. If this sounds familiar I strongly recommend you spend some time with the staff at Kayes.

I can speak from experience that unlike many others, Kayes offer informative and trustworthy advice and are willing to take the time to share their knowledge and introduce you to the world of diamonds. I found it was only when provided with loose stones, the tools to examine them and expert advice that you can uncover the true beauty of the stones.

Having come very close to purchasing a diamond on the internet my advice would be to stop, spend an hour with the team at Kayes and see if your still willing to buy something that expensive, only on the merits of a piece of paper.

Thanks To Tony, Gill and Amy for all your help


After Yes!

Congratulations on your engagement – the beginning not the end of your relationship with Kayes.

Bring your ring in for regular free checking and cleaning whenever you are passing, but let us see your ring at least once a year. We will check over the condition of the diamond and its setting and make sure you leave with a ring that looks like new.

Your next purchase may well be wedding rings and we can make sure that the girls ring sits perfectly with the engagement ring and that the boy is more than happy with his matching band. Engagement clients will receive a generously discounted price for their wedding rings.

Throughout your life Kayes will be here to assist you with this and future purchase. We offer a full range of professional services that have almost vanished from the high street.